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I couldn't stand not having a diary anymore and the sting of "It's not the saaaaame!" has officially worn off of Dreamwidth for me. This is a beautiful blogging community and I want to like it.

1. My mission in life is to teach positive and progressive thinking about different normals through comedy.

2. My side mission is to fully grok the comedy of Japanese comedians. Starting with Ungirls and up to even Downtown and Beat Takeshi Kitano in the heyday before they started doing movies and were known as a manzai duo.

3. I've lived a year in Japan and know that Tokyo Disney is the best way to spend Halloween.

4. The best movies are the ones with quirky art direction, in my opinion, if not with top notch comedy writing. Burton remakes of Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka are exceptions that prove the Labyrinth / Brazil / Tannin no Kao rule.

5. My favorite comedy directors are Elaine May, Harold Ramis (;_;), Paul Feig, Carl Reiner, and Amy Heckerling.

6. I am a cat whisperer. I snap my fingers and they come. I stand between them or put a hand on their backs or out to cover their eyes and they stop fighting.

7. I am pretty sure I have ADHD but it's never been professionally diagnosed.

8. I am a Photoshopping superstar who needs to get her Zazzle shop up and running.

9. I am @euphoriafish on Twitter. I do hope you will sample my jokes and web logs.

10. Ninja Turtles Forever. As my first spec script and forever shall be fandom without end. TMNT may actually be eclipsing MST3K and Doctor Who for me these days now that there are two great female characters in the show and potential for two more that I'm aware of.
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euphoriafish: Avar photo I took in Japan of the Great Buddha statue in Kamakura. (Default)

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